about the Museum of East Anglian Life

The Museum is situated in Stowmarket, Suffolk and the site includes...

  • 15 historic buildings
  • Over 40,000 museum objects
  • A variety of farm animals, including those that represent the Suffolk Trinity
  • 75 acres of beautiful countryside
  • A centre for community activity 
  • And, an award winning social enterprise

Involved in the Community

The research that has taken place for this online exhibition utilises the Museum’s collections, the internet, and the local records office, as well as drawing on groups based in or linked with that community, such as the Stowmarket local history group, Stowupland Women’s Institute, local schools, and any other groups or individuals that are keen to be involved.

Museum of East Anglian Life Groups

The New Economics Foundation

The New Economics Foundation or nef are an independent think-and-do tank that inspire and demonstrate real economic well-being. Their aim is to improve quality of life by promoting innovative solutions that challenge mainstream thinking on economic, environmental and social issues.

We decided to use a selection of tools developed by nef to create this online exhibition - ‘When Were we Happy?’

For more information see the nef website.

For more information see out website

We want to take this further and help our visitors to develop their sense of happiness and well-being by encouraging them to be more involved in their local community. So we will be holding The Good Life Festival to showcase all the opportunities available in our local area.

About Stowupland

The village of Stowupland is situated in the heart of Suffolk. Its population in 2001 was 1,709 in an area covering almost two and a half thousand acres of mainly arable farmland. Stowupland is not a typical English village. It is spread out over a large area around several village greens and cannot be truly appreciated from the main road that cuts through it. Any visitor needs to explore the various lanes and roads that lead off the main thoroughfare to find the true Stowupland.

images of Stowupland

The buildings in the village are a mixture of old and new with many homes having been built in the 1960s and 70s on its outskirts. Stowupland boasts a nursery school, a primary school and a high school that serves surrounding towns and villages. There is a village shop and post office, two butchers, a Chinese takeaway, a chip shop, two pubs and a garage.

Stowupland won Suffolk Village of the Year in 2006. It is a vibrant, popular community with many activities and amenities that are no longer found in many villages of a similar size.

To see where Stowupland is, click to view a map If you have any photos or recollections of Stowupland, please see our Feedback page Old group picture For more information see the Stowupland Parish Council Website