click here to see Stowupland on an online mapBased around the rural village of Stowupland, on the edge of Stowmarket, this online exhibition uses four time periods to compare and contrast the well-being and happiness of the people that lived in the village in the years 1851, 1901, 1951 and 2001.

Stowupland village
The village is situated in the heart of Suffolk. Its population in 2001 was 1,709 in an area covering almost two and a half thousand acres of mainly arable farmland.

Stowupland is not a typical English village. It is spread out over a large area around several village greens and cannot be truly appreciated from the main road that cuts through it. Any visitor needs to explore the various lanes and roads that lead off the main thoroughfare to find the true Stowupland.

The Buildings

The Crown public house
The Crown public house
The buildings in the village are a mixture of old and new with many homes having been built in the 1960s and 70s on its outskirts.

Stowupland boasts a nursery school, a primary school and a high school that serves surrounding towns and villages. There is a village shop and post office, two butchers, a Chinese takeaway, a chip shop, two pubs and a garage.

A Vibrant Community

For more information see the Stowupland Parish Council WebsiteStowupland won Suffolk Village of the Year in 2006. It is a vibrant, popular community with many activities and amenities that are no longer found in many villages of a similar size.

Enjoy the Exhibition

Click on the date tabs at the top and the subjects on the left to compare and contrast different aspects of Stowupland life at different times in history.

This exhibition is part of a wider sustainability project delivered through the Rural Museums East Partnership. It is funded by Renaissance East of England.

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