Education 1951

Education had improved dramatically in Stowupland by 1951. Freeman’s School had become the local primary school, with secondary education available in Stowmarket in the form of Stowmarket Secondary Modern and Stowmarket Grammar School. School was compulsory until the age of 15 and if you passed the 11+ exam you could attend the Grammar School to take O-Levels that, theoretically, could take you to university. As a result of the state-funded education system, many children from working class families went on to study at college and university. By the mid 1950s, only one man in three had the same social status by occupation as his father, and only one son in four of an unskilled labourer remained unskilled. Higher education, together with increased affluence, helped to create an increase in social mobility.

School classes had become less rigid and new ways of teaching had begun to emerge that allowed children to learn through play without input from the teacher. School plays and special days such as a Tudor Day or a school trip were also introduced. However, teachers were still strict and the cane was still in use at school. Children were expected to be respectful to adults at all times and to behave!

School Photographs

We do not know much about the children that attended Freeman’s school in Stowupland in the 1950s. Are you in one of the photographs? If so please contact us.

Stowupland School Play 1951
Stowupland School Play 1951 The cast of the Christmas School play c.1951 Back row l-r: Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, ? Bumpstead, Dick Cresswell, Neil Firman, Unknown Middle row: Unknown, Norman Baylam, Melvin Ivory, Brenda Hales, Jean Alexander, Unknown, Mary Firman, Gill Stevens, Eileen Hales, Colin James, Brenda Addison Front row: Unknown, Unknown, Brenda Addison, Unknown, Richard Fisher, Alan Wright, Ralph Osborne, Terry Last, Hilary Alexander, Christine Diaper
©Freemans Primary School

Photograph showing the cast of the Christmas School Play c.1956/7
Stowupland School 1956/7 Photograph showing the cast of the Christmas School Play c.1956/7 Rear, clockwise from left: Ralph Osborne, Geoffrey Phillips, Eileen Hales, Jayne Sutton, Margaret Cook, Gillian Stevens, Unknown, Richard Cresswell, Brenda Addison, Terry Last, Unknown, Christine Davey, Alan Wright, Colin James. Front and Middle l-r: Mary Brett, Leslie Runnacles, Richard Fisher, Ann Pyke, Desmond Samson, Trevor Muskett (in black), John Oxley, Beryl Lay (later a teacher at the school), Willy Douglas, Barbara Hernex, Unknown, Frankie Baylam, Christine Diaper, Hillary Alexander
©Freemans Primary School

Stowupland School 1959
Stowupland School 1959 Mr Fords Class of 1959 Back row l-r: Elizabeth Fitch, Yvonne Holden, Angela Collins, Susan Greengrass, Cheryl Rose, Ivan Leeks, Pauline Welham, Christopher Stannard, Shirley Hollis, Alan Wade, Rosemary Clarke, Margaret Giles, Jenny Sears, Leslie Tricker Middle row l-r: Brian Melhuish, Paul Laflin, Sandra Last, Christopher Scarlett, Gillian Barton, David Edwards, Janet list, Alan Balaam, Pauline Collins, Martin Balaam, Christine Runnacles, John Hearn Front Row l-r: Phillip Flowers, John Love, Chris Grace, David Lockwood, Roger seaman, Jean Hall, Peter Collins.
©Freemans Primary School

Stowupland School 1959
Stowupland School 1959 (2) Mr Wright’s Class of 1959 Back row l-r: Valerie Kenyon, Fred Hollis, Roy Lockwood, Mr Wright, Martin Mitchell, Beverley Rose, Christine Meakings Middle row: Geoffrey Brundell, Beverley Sykes, Alan Muskett, Audrey Lockwood, David Butcher, Susan Holden, Richard Welham, Jennifer Salmon Front row: Colin List, Terry Wright, Graham Manning, Ronald Calthorpe
©Freemans Primary School

All images courtesy of Freeman’s Primary School, Stowupland

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