Real Happiness


The Victorians like to do a variety of hobbies. During the Victorian times richer people often went hunting on horses. But poor Families couldn’t send their children horse riding because it was too expensive. In contemporary society, many children go horse-riding and quite a few have their own horses.


The Victorians liked to play Rugby and in 1849 the first rules were made. We still play rugby and our local rugby club is Sudbury rugby club! The Victorians also enjoyed cricket, the rules for cricket were made in 1744. Both of these sports were played by the richer Victorians because the poorer Victorians were to busy working to play these kind of sports. Tennis and football were also popular. Nowadays, football is most probably the most popular hobby.  Everyone can play these games today because they are played at school and there are lots of local clubs that you can join.

Two football teams in their team kits Two football teams in their team kits


The Victorians also liked paintings and this was a popular hobby.  They would paint peoples portraits and different scenes. Children nowadays do Art at school and children often like drawing and painting at home.

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