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Learning at School

Boys at Stowmarket School in 1899
Boys at Stowmarket School in 1899
Victorian Schools were different to schools nowadays because in the Victorian times the teachers were very strict. The punishment was quite harsh because they got hit with the cane whereas now, we get warnings. Not many children got to go to school in Victorian times because lots of the poor could not afford it. Instead they went to work, often doing dangerous jobs.

By the 1890’s school was free and everyone had to go like we do now. In Victorian times, Boys learnt math and science because that would help them get a job. Girls learnt a lot of cookery and sewing because they were expected to help at home. At school we use computers and write in books but in the Victorian times they wrote on slates. At school we have lots of resources to help us, like laptops, books and the internet. In comparison the Victorians only had things like abacuses. This made learning quite boring because Victorian children learnt by rote whereas nowadays we have fun learning at school.

Fobbing Church Of England School, Essex in 1899 Fobbing Church Of England School, Essex in 1899

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