Home 2001

Every home in Stowupland now has electricity, inside bathrooms and running water, people now take it for granted that homes will have these amenities and it is considered eccentric not to have them.

Relative Luxury

Practically every home has at least one television, a washing machine and a microwave. A lot of people have games consoles, digital set-top boxes, Sky TV, dishwashers and many more gadgets.

People live in larger spaces with rooms dedicated to different activities – dining rooms, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms. People stay up later as they have electric lights and there are many forms of entertainment for the home.

Many people now own their homes whereas fifty years ago most people rented.

A Growing Village

A lot of the older homes in the village have now been replaced by modern houses. A large number of houses have been built in the village over the last 50 years and the population has swelled by 767 to 1709 residents – the largest increase in the history of the village.

Houses With Character

The older homes that are left in the village are more desirable and fashionable to own and they are actually more expensive than new built homes. This is quite a turnaround from the 1900s and the 1950s when a new home with all mod cons was considered to be much more desirable than an old house.

This exhibition is part of a wider sustainability project delivered through the Rural Museums East Partnership. It is funded by Renaissance East of England.

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