Real Happiness


In 2010 the museum held an exhibition exploring trust and the effect it has on communities using historical and modern examples. The exhibition was a wonderful opportunity to use objects from the collection that are not normally seen on display and used a wide range of items from Girl Guide badges to a doctor’s box.

The exhibition used information from a wide range of resources including novels, memoirs, the State of Suffolk Report, publications by the New Economics Foundation (nef) and Richard Layard’s ‘Happiness, a New Science’.

Stowmarket town Carnival in 1965
Stowmarket town carnival in 1965
At the museum we think that people are happier when they live in a strong community which is supporting and trusting.

The exhibition looks at how trust is built within villages and neighbourhoods in East Anglia. Some of the ideas may seem old fashioned and not what we are used to hearing in our busy 21st century lives. This is what we think about Trust, you may disagree. Please let us know what you think.

This exhibition is part of a wider sustainability project delivered through the Rural Museums East Partnership. It is funded by Renaissance East of England.

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